Where should you buy a home in Florida and why?

Dated: January 24 2021

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Where should you buy a home in Florida and why?

Let’s face it. Florida is a retirement and second home meca. If you are considering a retirement location, a location to own a vacation rental, or a second home, Florida is a good choice.  I’ve written about this topic before and here are two good articles I would like to share with you. You may want to read these first, as next I am going to talk about the choosing the “where” in Florida.

1.       Ten things you should consider before you decide what home to buy

2.       Should you choose Florida to buy a home in?

Ok, Florida is big state. Where the heck do you go?  My first and most popular reason is people you know. This is the number one reason future Floridians pick a location in Florida  -  they know someone who lives here.

Where in Florida

1.       Who you know.  You can do a lot on the internet, but nothing sells like familiarity. If a friend of your with similar interests lives in Florida, talk to them, visit them, and ask a bunch of questions. (I  moved to Fort Myers because my Folks retired here in 1971)

2.       Make a list of your main interests. Beaches, Golf, Boating, Fishing, Universities, City Life, Rural life, finances, medicine and work.  Ask about these things.

3.       Traveling.  How far is you target location from a transportation hub (I was the proverbial traveling salesman and needed to be near an airport)

4.       Weather. Ft Myers is the tropics, Tampa not so much, and Jacksonville less so.

5.       Affordability. As you get closer to all the attractions, especially the beaches, demand is high and so are prices.

6.       Politics. Florida is generally a conservative area, but the cities are more liberal.

7.       Religion. If this is important to you may want to start with the churches that you feel comfortable with an visit and network with people there.

8.       Special Interests.  One big reason my folks chose Fort Myers, for example, was Fort Myers had a school for retarded persons that they could put my sister in. You or someone in your family might have a passion for something specific, like a medical need, a collecting passion, or a volunteering desire, start your search there.

9.       Rental demand.. Will you be able to rent your home as a vacation rental?  I can help you here as I have access to rental income reports for vacation rentals all throughout Florida.

All real estate is hyper-local, you can find what you want almost anywhere, but neighborhoods are sometimes different one side of the street versus the other. It's very difficult to know what you want until you see it. I highly recommend to my clients that they dip their toe in the water before they jump in. Rent a home, stay someplace for a month or more once you're considering it. Go to the schools, join a club, and get to know the people . At the end of the day it's about people not the house.

Many times a real estate agent will ask what a perspective buyers budget is . This is very difficult to answer unless you know what, for example, $200,000 would buy in a certain area, or whatever your number is. It is still very helpful to have a general idea of what you can afford because the selections are truly limitless from below $200,000 to above $20,000,000


I had offices all over Florida and I also have expertise in Western North Carolina.  I’m happy to jump on a Zoom call and discuss options with you.

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