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Dated: November 29 2020

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For most of my career I traveled a great deal and Thanksgiving marked the period at the end of the year that I traveled less and spent more time at home with family.  I moved to Fort Myers Florida in 1990 and now my extended family is more spread out across the states.   I spend less time making memories now and more time recalling them.    When I was younger it seemed that News Year’s eve was the dawn of a new chapter; but for years it was that third Thursday in November when I began summarizing and reflecting on the current year and planning for the next.

As some one wise than me said, “It’s never too late to take a first step”

I had a passion for real estate since my first acquisition  in 1977 and my weekly “newsletter” is about real estate.  So, what should you be doing to get your proverbial real estate related house in order?  I have a few suggestions this Thanksgiving.

First, I want to that you for your support and business and friendship over the years.  This letter now goes out to over 7000 or so readers: competitors, agents, buyers, sellers, investors, and pundits.  I love this business and the opportunity that it has afforded me.  Thank you!


Next, I have four questions I believe you should answer for yourself and your family:

1. What would you do if you had all the time and money that you would ever need?

2. How and where would you live if you knew you had only five to ten years to live?

3. What would you regret not having done if you died tomorrow?

And most importantly”

4. Now that you have thought about questions 1,2, and 3, what are you going to change in your life?


This end of year season think about those questions. You are never too old and never too young to begin. Tomorrow is not promised. My friend Terri Manning is fond of telling me that if I want to hear God laugh, tell her your plans. What she means is that we cannot predict the changes that will have a life altering effect on us. (Like a pandemic, or planes flying into buildings, or a death of a loved one).

Here are some articles to help fuel your thought process.

It is easy to be a success,  but if you don’t know where you are going how will you know if you have arrived?

Five steps to success, well we know there are  zillion, but here is a good start.

Investor rules.  These 25 have been honed, if not followed, by yours truly

Find your own cat pee.  This story is one of my most read articles. If you have to read it to get the meaning

Train your gut We have all heard the expression, “I had a gut feel for it.”

And my number one favorite: 

Immersion Investing.  My polite way of saying that I am obsessive compulsive is that I am an immersion guy


I don’t always write about real estate and this one is one of my favorites that may warm your heart:  The truth should not hurt the Sourdough Pancakes


Thanks !



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Real estate has been my passion since I took my first Al Lowery class on real estate investing in the 1970’s. I vowed during that class that I would buy one property a year. Over the next five ....

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