Let’s move some Real Estate. AS IF !

Dated: April 5 2020

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Let’s move some Real Estate.  AS IF !

I’ve told this story before of my ride home from the office to be with my wife Gail after I watched the first World Trade tower get hit by a plane.   We were in the middle of a national disaster and I was irrationally shocked at the time to see hedge trimmers working outside Gulf Harbour.

Didn’t they know what was going on?

Some of you may feel the same way, glued to the latest COVID-19 chart and absorbed in how you and your close ones will deal with the situation.  But we need to make our preparations, do what we can do, and move forward.

Last week I wrote what will happen to real estate when this is over (read here). But we need to move forward “as if”.

‘As if’ it will soon be over.

‘As if’ we were still working.

‘As if’ we had sane, level heads and common sense.

A few weeks ago I gave my fellow real estate agents a  long list of things they could be accomplishing while they were in virtual lockdown.

Long lines at Home Depot and Lowes are testament to the many people that are getting their actual houses in order

I have been getting BOTH my actual and my “work” house in order. This is a good  time to take classes and sharpen your skills for your career. (If you are realtor and want to take virtual classes, I can hook you up with a 60 free pass to all EXP classes in our virtual world.)  Just email me.

If you are not a real estate agent, search for online classes in your field. Heck, on You Tube you can find how do things just about anything.

 AS IF from me:

With in the past three weeks I have closed on two listings (as a broker) listed two more, and shown my vacant listings, and put one under contract. Life is going on folks.  Let’s not hit the pause butting for too long. Continue to take all precautions for  the virus, but let’s get ready  “as if” it‘s going to go back to some sort of new normal soon. So along those lines here some things to look at:

You know I love new construction.  Well the developers are doing deals and I have been hunting them down.  Here is a link for a “like new”  Oakmont model. This home is worth the virtual tour I put together Take a look.  This model is also offered brand new by the developer, furnished, with a pool with all the extras.  Here is the developers tour: (by the way, this is a good example of a deal, when developers sell their models ; Model Home , furnished , for sale with pool and three car garage.  I have other similar deals in other communities

Income property in Lee County Florida: I am putting together a detailed list of all duplexes on the market. If you would like to get a copy of this report, email me. You can also search within this link for up to date stuff as  it comes on the market.

I have four “not on the market yet, but ready to sell”. (They will l list when we are “no longer in lock down”).  Two are off McGregor in my neighborhood, on the golf course, and two off the golf course ( one is only one house in from the river) . Prices start at $270,000, and go up to $695,000. Contact me if you are interested.


Folks, it takes 4- 6 months to delver a new energy efficient home. This is a good time to place your orders. Developers are making deal.. If you are thinking of building, call me, I want to work with you.


In the commercial arena I have one warehouse going up now  (link here) , ready in four months. It will sell at an attractive CAP rate, and will be ready to add to your portfolio.


Stay well, be safe, and start acting “as if”

Intyerested in learning more about me:

my yourtube channel  www.greggfous.tips

About EXP Realty  www.greggfous.cloud

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