Are you a real estate agent going into lockdown? Here is a list of things you can do to stay sharp.

Dated: April 5 2020

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• Take an online class
• Teach an online class
• Clean up your CRM
• Update your cell phone contact list
• Write an email campaign
• Write a text campaign
• Write a book
• Become an expert in something new
• Call everyone in your data base
• Set up an on line calendar system
• Offer a skill or yours to someone else
• Research and pick a new farm area
• Design templates for emails
• Rewrite your email signature
• In fact, write five new email signatures for auto replying to emails
• Make a top 10; 25, and 200 sphere list. Call them
• Ask someone for advice
• Set up or clean up your you tube channel.
• Organize your apps
• Zoom someone every day
• Make a budget
• Write a plan for 2020
• Work on a listing presentation
• Set up a new FB, IG, or Twitter pages
• Set up auto searches in the mls for your farm area, and send yourself daily alerts
• Call the competing agents in your farm area and network with them
• Ask for help from two people in your sphere, every day,
• Get the YouMail app on your phone and set up personal greetings for all your contacts
• Clean out your desk and files, but read them and contact old clients found.
• Set up a blank contract and listing folder to keep in your car
• Set up you a new e sign system
• Look for expenses to cut

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Gregg Fous

Real estate has been my passion since I took my first Al Lowery class on real estate investing in the 1970’s. I vowed during that class that I would buy one property a year. Over the next five ....

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