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Dated: February 9 2020

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Magnifying glass in hand, over a half century ago I sat down in a sunny patch in the back yard and felt the embracing warmth of the sun. The sun felt comfortable and inviting and certainly not too hot on my skin. I looked around and grabbed a fallen beech tree leaf from the green cool grass, took the two-inch diameter magnifying glass from my jeans pocket, and focused the energy passing through that small lens into a pin head size spot on the leaf. Very soon the leaf began to smoke and then suddenly burst into flames. This was my first lesson as an eight year old kid in Harrington Park, New Jersey, on the power of focus. Most certainly the philosophical lesson was lost on me. I was just pleased that I could start a fire without matches. As I start 2020, many  years and a thousand miles from that lesson in my backyard, I am trying to concentrate on focusing my time and energy. It’s not easy.

It is much easier to remember the admonitions of former teachers, coaches and mentors: “Pay Attention!”, “Concentrate!”, “Stay focused!”; than it is to actually accomplish these goals. Technology hasn’t helped. My iPhone always by my side, Apples “Siri” is like a little gremlin sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear. As my brain leapfrogs ahead during a task, little windows of lost concentration make themselves available to random thoughts and distractions. “Wait. What were you saying?”

Years ago I wrote a article about “Immersion Investing”, and I often talk about the fact that I’m not actually obsessive compulsive, I’m an “immersion guy”. Immersion is a form of focus that I am good at. Immersion must come with persistence, however, and be put in the proper perspective. Being immersed in playing words with friends while at a staff meeting just doesn’t work, for example.

The Data Dump Stage

Before you can decide what to focus ON, you first must  know all your alternatives that may compete for your attention. If you are looking for a home in Florida, before you get focused you must proceed through the “Data Dump Stage”. This is the stage during which your mind is a large three ring binder where you file all the information about possible locations, what you should buy, home choices, price ranges, etc. I call this the data dump stage. All information is gathered and THEN you decide what is important to focus on. Even then, until you begin to focus on one area,  you may not learn that it is not the area for you. You may have to kiss a lot of Frogs. For example, you may decide that beach front living is what you want to focus on and then when you ARE focused on it you learn that insurance costs make it cost prohibitive.

I’ve got many tools to help you in the data dump stage, is a good place to start. I have many clients that are getting weekly alerts from the website, they enter their criteria, get sent houses to look at for a while, then perhaps alter their criteria as they become more focused. On this website are many of my articles about real estate and related topics.

What Am I Focusing on?

I have two focus areas in my real estate business.  (1) Growing my team across the US (Click here for info: www, )  and (2) I would like to execute $5,000,000 in real estate transactions this year. (in 2019 I did just over $11 million).


What are you focusing on?  I’d love to hear.  Email me at

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