Want to know how to sell your home? Here is a Secret.

Dated: December 1 2019

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You want to know what the secret is to selling your home? It’s attitude.

Oh sure, there are things you can do to help sell your home in a more frictionless manner (quickly, with no speed bumps, and at the right price). But until you AND YOU FAMILY have the right set of mind about this move doing the rest of the “right things” will simply not help.

You must to believe you are selling your home, mentally move out and then start to physically do so. For help in this attitude transformation read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. (List your home with me and I’ll buy you the book!)

Once you have started your mental and physical move and your mind is already on your new adventure elsewhere and you just want to sell. What should you do?

Start with the items below and you will be sure to remove most of the friction in selling your home.

Start with organizing and uncluttering your home.

Get a bunch of garbage bags (some of us need dumpsters) and throw out or sell everything you can. What you can’t throw out move into a storage pod or a storage unit. But whatever you do, get the stuff out of the house. Extra furniture – move it out.  Exercise bike in the bedroom?  OUT!   You want to see closets in the spare rooms with just a few items in them, the main closets you should be half empty. Get everything out of the garage, the pantry and the shed.  I’ll told you the secret, if you act like you are moving, you will move, but if you say to yourself. “I’ll clean up and unclutter when I get an offer,” – you have the wrong mind set. You have to get your mind OUT of this house and on to the sale. Act like you just sold it and you will be surprised how quickly things start to happen.


Clean, caulk, paint, refresh.


                       Cleaning and painting are the next items that should be on your list. Now that those spaces are empty, clean, caulk and paint them or get a professional to do that for you. Use flat paint (does not show wall imperfections), and do the trim in semi-gloss.  I use Dover White for walls, Ceiling White for ceilings and white semi-gloss for trim.  Make all areas of the home as new looking as you can.  If there are old water stains from the air handler or a leak, use a special primer on those spots and repaint the ceiling. Get your garage empty and paint the floor there as well. Empty rooms look bigger, brighter and are more salable. I know you may have never had two cars in the garage – but two do fit if you start with an empty garage. There are storage companies that will deliver a pod to your house.  Use that service and then when you move they can deliver it to your new home. Then clean and paint.


Go outside and stand at your front door.


This is where your buyer first sees your house. Is it clean? Can the door stand some fresh paint? How about a bright color?  Check out the lighting.  You know what they say about first impressions, make the front door experience a good one.  Curb appeal is also critical:  Fresh flowers, trimmed lawn and weeded garden. If you take care of the outside, your buyer will assume you take care of the inside. Walk around and look at the soffits, the stucco, and the trim.  Remove dry rot corners and replace them, if your stucco is cracking get a professional opinion on repair, sometimes hairline cracks are better to leave untouched rather than accentuating them by caulking and repainting. Fix your downspouts and gutters, repair any erosion.


Get a home inspection.  The “No Excuses”  Home.


                        Smart buyers will get a home inspection, so why not get one first as the seller and then repair and fix all items that the report says need attention ?  No reason. Just DO IT!  A good inspector (and we can suggest a few) will help you eliminate any excuse for a buyer to not buy your home.    This should be your goal.  The best bang for your home improvement dollars is in the items I listed above.


Here are some other items that are equally important:


De-Personalize your home.


                        A buyer will have a tougher time imagining themselves in your home if they are surrounded by photographs, an antique comforter collection, or stack of your old superman comics.  Get all items that personalize the home into boxes and out of the home.


Get rid of odors and clean the windows


                        You want the place to smell fresh and look bright. Have a cat? Make sure that the kitty litter is cleaned every day. I have seen a cat odor sour many a prospect.  Consider getting an ionizer to freshen the air.  (Here is a link to the one we have).  Check your windows, make sure they are operational and clean.


Ok, now you are ready to sell – what about price?


                  Order a formal BPO (Broker Price Opinion ) on your home. ( Click here to order one from us).  This will give you an unbiased opinion of the value of your home.  Keep in mind that when you do sell your home your buyer will most likely have to secure a loan and give a mortgage. Your buyers loan will in some part depend on the appraisal.  I can write an entire column on correctly pricing your home, but let me say this:  Pricing is the number one reason homes will linger on the MLS unsold. Some sellers think they are “leading the market” and the prices will catch up to their “ask price”, this is mistake. A home should be priced to sell within 60 days. We encourage sellers to price their homes within 10% of the BPO price.  There are sales agents out here that will try to get seller to list their home at an elevated price only to later lower the price.  At our company agents are required to let the seller know what the BPO or comparative market analysis is before they list a home. An educated seller is our best customer. You and the Fous Real Estate Team want the same thing: a successful sale. Mispricing the home just leads to disappointment and false expectations.



This is a good time to sell, money is still cheap and inventory is low.  Call us to get stated. We are here to help.


Gregg@FousRealEstate.com 239-851-5464

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