The opposite of love is?

Dated: November 17 2019

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This morning while I was reading the morning paper I had the TV on. A movie based on the novel,  The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand,  was playing on TV.  It’s easy to multi-task when reading the Newspress as the articles are sparse, and the ads pervasive.

In The Fountainhead, the antagonist to Howard Rourk, Ellsworth Toohy, runs into Rourk by chance at a construction site. Understand that for most of the novel Touhy has been out to destroy Rourk, the protagonist of the novel and the representation of Rand's philosophy. At every opportunity Ellsworth is out to destroy Howard Rourk.   Touhy is anxious to hear what Rourk has to say:
            "So tell me Rourk. Tell me what you think of me." Asks Toohy.
            "But I don't think of you." Rourk offers as he walks away.
This is the embodiment of what I have always told my kids, “Don’t hate, just refuse to like.”

Indeed, the opposite of love is indifference, not hate.

Today, I fear we are dividing the country by taking the tactic of hating if we cannot love. It seems that political discourse is no longer possible between men of differing opinions.

My older brother taught me that hate, like love, takes energy;  indifference, however, takes no energy.   My own son, Christopher, has been teaching his boys that that the most important thing to be to people is “kind”. It makes me smile with pride whenever I hear him remind his young boys of this life lesson.

Next time you have the urge to speak or think negatively about someone or some situation.  Remember, It is easier to move forward, be indifferent, and concentrate on the good things.

Spend your energy, like your money.  Wisely.

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