If you don’t care if you win or lose, why are you keeping score?

Dated: October 27 2019

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If you don’t care if you win or lose, why  are you keeping score?

Vince Lombardi is crediting with saying, “If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?” And we all keep score in our own way, don’t we?  When I had my real estate office downtown, I prepared a ranking of agent’s performance and sent it in an email to all agents normally by the  fifth of the month for the prior month. But by the first of the month I’d start getting requests for the report. Many agents were anxious to know how they compared with others or to their own prior month,  or how they were doing against a goal that had been personally set or set in cooperation with their coach.

Coaching star athletes and star real estate agents has many similarities, the problem is that we are not all stars. Most of us must get “at bat” many times to hit the “home run”.  Hustle, however, can outperform shine.  Just look at Charlie Hustle himself, Pete Rose.  Pete had the most at bats of any player to date. (over 14,000), and he was the hit king, not the home run king.  That title goes to  Barry Bonds. While I would rather be the Barry Bonds (without the steroids), or Pete Rose (without the gambling debacle), the truth is we are all somewhere in between. For me, striving to be Charlie Hustle in real estate is a goal we all can shoot for, and achieve, since we all may not have the national talent and ability to be a home run hitter.

Rose had to get at bat many many times to get a home run.  Each time he was at bat and didn’t hit a home run, Rose knew  he was that much closer to his next home run.  As sales people, we are trained that each “no” gets us close to the nest next “yes”. Discouragement at each “no” is hard to avoid,  but in some instances,  we have to “kiss a lot of frogs” to get our prince.

Chris and Gale, friends and clients of mine,  must have looked at 50 homes before they  found a winner. My  guess is about 2/3 of the way through the process they knew better what a winner would look like. I have given about 30 recruiting presentations on EXP Realty to attract two more agents to my team.  Cathy had three dozen “up” at her sales center before she wrote a contract.  Yes, we can improve our search criteria, or attraction presentations, and our sales presentations. And we must. But success can be achieved with numbers (hustle).   

It is easy to be a success.  You see, success is the attainment of a goal, the reaching of a certain standard. You can’t just say, “He is a success”. Or,  “It was a success”. Success is a personal attainment, an achievement, or accomplishment. You are not a baseball player looking to be in the hall of fame or the highest in the stats. Set and work toward your own goal.

One artist sold millions of prints of his artwork and made a fortune, the other finally painted a portrait that he was happy with, but he never sold the painting. Which artist was a success?

I write about real estate. Success in real estate is like success anywhere else. We must set goals so we can know when we attain them. If we have no goals how can we possibly reach them?

Let winning be a personal thing, not a comparative thing.  To be envious is fine and healthy, to be jealous, not so much. Set your own score, whether it be in career, relationships, or retirement.  Be Charley Hustle.

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