Houses, like people, need to be properly maintained.

Dated: September 2 2019

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Houses, like people, need to be properly maintained.

I recently replaced my hot water heater. I did it myself. There was nothing wrong with the 14 year old  water heater but it has exceeded its life expectancy  (6-12 years) and I would rather replace it on my own time than wait for a major malfunction and possible flood.   I’m not consistent in the maintenance of my home and I have to admit I’m much better with my car and my own healthcare than I am with my home. This is a mistake I am trying to correct. For my body, I go every six months for teeth cleaning, I go for an annual wellness check up with my doctor, and take daily nutritional supplements.   Good things to do for sure. But h my home?  As a homeowner we can do things to extend  the life, and increase the value of your home, and indeed decrease the time on market when you are trying to sell.

In my market I see many folks selling homes that are improperly maintained.  Most homeowners don’t do enough to maintain their home. After all, the average time a homeowner lives is in a  home is 13 years.     ( See Link to How often people move)

Keep records.  On the water heater I have taped the full documentation in a plastic envelope for the heater and wrote in Bold letters in a black felt tipped marker the date it was installed. I also will flush the water heater every August and mark that date in a marker on the tank.    I like to make the comparison of buying a car with full maintenance records and buying a house with the same type of documentation. It will give buyer the confidence that the house (or car) is well cared for and increase its value to the buyer.

In my home office is a three-ring binder for all documentation for every appliance in the homes. A prospective buyer will, hopefully, be impressed with the records to, at the very least, know what he is buying into.

How long do the various components in your home last here in Florida?  Here is a very thorough presentation of the life expectancy of all home components: Link to International Association of Home Inspectors Life I expectancy chart for components in a Florida Home

Take a thorough look at this chart and compare the various components either to your own home or to one that you are things of buying.

Proper maintenance can not only extend the life of your components, but increase  the value of your home.

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