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Dated: 04/28/2019

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Writing my weekly newsletter is something that I enjoy.  I have a coupla problems, however. One, I am a horrible typist.  My brain runs at 150 miles an hour and my fingers stumble along at walking speed.  Two, I have so many topics that I want to share with my clients that I never know which topic to spend some time on.


You probably know by now that I never am lacking for something to say. I normally “write” this email around 4:30 in the morning while you are laying in bed.  This morning, I started trying to whittle down the topics and decided it couldn’t be done easily. What follows is a “bulletized” list of items that may spark some interest. If ANY of these topics require more information from me, call me (239-734-7517) or email me. You can also go for here for an abbreviated blog library


A few more words.  My objective with these newsletters is to familiarize you with what I do, to make you comfortable with doing business with me, to establish a long term relationship, to make you a better, more informed buyer, and  to encourage you to use me for your real estate needs – whether for investing or for fun.


  • Saving Money on your next real estate deal.  Title Insurance is something you have to buy when you sell (normally) and you also must buy it when you make an acquisition with borrowed money.  Do not accept the rate that is quoted to you.  Ask for a discount off the promulgated rate. On my last deal (I closed on a very large loan) I saved $7000 just on the title insurance. I asked the attorney who was handling the closing for a discount. He told me he was not permitted to do this. He was wrong.  He lost my business. 
  • Investing versus Speculating.  If you don’t know the difference, you should.  Read this timely article
  • Buying a home.  We are emotional buyers, if we let emotion make the deal, we spend more money than we need to.   Here I go over a good checklist to use when buying a home
  • Go beyond Price. OK, you are ready to start negotiating. There are so many more things to negotiate other than the price.  Article here




Folks, let me or someone from my team work with you to buy or sell  your home in Southwest Florida. Call me     

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