Why build energy efficient homes if the only people that can afford them are the wealthy?

Dated: April 19 2019

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I get it, electricity rates are constantly rising. Not using electricity is good for the everyone (except maybe the power company).   But today achieving almost sero energy costs in a home should NOT cost more than a “standard home”.  After all, it is the affordable housing sector that really needs smart, performance,  homes. 

How cool would it be to be able to offer a home under $260,000 that is not only energy self-sufficient, but also hurricane proof?  

Turns out very cool. 

Just like sometimes the houses with the most magnificent kitchens are built for people that eat out all the time, so too with the most energy efficient homes. The same people that can really afford to pay their electric bills try to recapture their Earth Day conscience from high school and they build a new, rather expensive performance home.  This is changing thanks to Mk Homes

Well they did it, here’s how: 

The Design 

The engineering of the home works because of all the big as well as the little things that are done for the home work in harmony to deliver performance. 

The Exterior 

The building envelope starts with Insulated COncrete formed (ICF)  walls reinforecd with re-bar and solid concrete. These walls can withstand 170 mile per hour winds.   The impact resistant windows are inserted into engineered “window bucks” ensuring zero moisture penetration. Inside the perfromance  walls, the utilities are run and then the wall is sealed with spray foam for insulation as well as adhesion and structural qualities.   Only then is the dry wall applied. Today wood trusses are used and they are anchored well to the solid walls, Spray foam insulation is adhered to the underride of the roof sheathing.  This make makes up the BUILDING ENVELOPE – a highly insulated structure that is both hurricane proof and highly energy miserly. 

The Interior 

Now that we have a virtual cooler of a house made of steel and concrete, the engineers at MK-Tek concentrated on using as little electricity as possible to run the home. The accomplished this with a Hybrid Water heater, LED lighting, and a 23 High Seer ductless A/C (which by the way , does not have to be a very big because of the “cooler like” qualities of the house).  Now they add all tile floors, quartz counter tops, designer cabinets, and efficient use of space 

Are there only positives? 

I tend to think that there are only positives in building and living in a High Performace MK home.  But there are some issues you need to know: 

To keep costs down options are few. We have five models and they come very well appointed .  There will not be really anything you may want IN the house, of course adding a pool or a back verandah can be done after you buy. The company currently has finely engineered and tuned  models to choose from and a few more on the drawing boards. You get to choose cabinets, flooring, and counter tops – and all choices  are very high end. 

Locations. We only will build in pods of  5 -10 building lots in an area. This keeps out costs low, the trades don’t have to travel and management of the homes is easier.    

Build on your lot?  Only if it’s in a location we are already in and the lots suits the house. We do not discount the price for “on your lot” builds. Today we are discouraging build on your lot in SW Florida. (I’m trying to make it as simple as possible (read economical)


 If I can answer any question about MK  homes, please send me an email or give me a call. If you have lots to sell, I’m interested in talking to you.

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