What makes you feel good?

Dated: March 14 2019

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I have been writing this blog about real estate and other things that interest me since 2001 (Since before it was called blog). If I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t do it.

On most Sunday mornings I sit here at my computer and try to put down on paper something that has inspired me or provoked me during the previous week. In the early days I wrote about specific real estate I was selling. I would write some personal notes, then draw a line across the page and advertise something: a new Brixton project or some other developers up and coming development.

I don’t know whether it’s my age that has caused the shift in my thinking or a keener perception on my part – but more and more now I just do what I like to do. As I get older I kind of feel like I have earned the right to share my experiences. It makes me feel good. In the back of my mind I picture my reader: the reader is my son or my daughter, my customers  that I showed houses to yesterday (the one on the Orange River), often it is my wife or one of my friends, or indeed it’s you.

I don’t like most things associated with getting older; like the aches and the poorer vision and hearing, but because I have made so many mistakes in my life and career; I learned more than most; and this only comes with age. I like that. It makes me feel good.

This morning I woke up feeling good. The kind of feeling good that comes from “all sides”. 

Owning a home that you love to be in is part of the feeling good from “all sides”. I was discussing with clients I toured with yesterday that a home should not be where you sleep when you are looking for something. It should be a pleasing destination not because you can get away from things or that the house is close by to things and people you want to be near  but because you are where you want to be to be; You feel at peace there.

If you have ever been on a cruise you know that you can rent an inside cabin with no portals economically. But it is not a room you want to hang out in.  You just rest there and then get back to the fun stuff. Or you can rent one of the suites at the bow of the ship and never want to leave your room. Gail and I? We want a home that we never have to leave. 

Now, it  may be the house or it could be the site that it sits on (I always say our Otter Cottage in Murphy North Carolina is more about the campsite than the tent).

The feeling of peace comes from different places for everyone, I get that. For some it the peace from living in a “paid for” house, for others is security and safety, for yet others its being near to family, or the beach, or the woods.

This morning there was a breeze coming off the golf course into our open windows. The temp is about 55 degrees outside. In New Jersey today, it’s snowing. I feel good that I am here in Fort Myers and not there in New Jersey.

I feel good about the real estate market. I hear skeptics almost every day, but I keep my eyes on what it is that I do, stay away from negative people and ignore my competition and the naysayers.

Sometime I hear (or in the case RE hear) a piece of advice that is a jewel. This jewel I recently re encountered was, oddly enough, a quote from the fictional character Yoda from Star Wars. It was called “Opportunities according to Yoda:

Try Not. Do. Or Do Not. There is no Try”. (You have to say it like Yoda to yourself to get the full

 effect).  He is basically telling young Luke to either do something or don’t do something. To say to try is no decision at all. After all we are not trying to see if we like the taste of liver pâté now are we?

I had decided early in the week that a certain opportunity looked good. But instead of deciding to succeed at it, I thought I would give it a try. I read that Yoda quote earlier that morning, I kept coming back to that basic philosophy all day. It basically teaches us that if you decide to try is not a decision at all. It’s not a commitment; it’s a cop out. 

Some people feel good staying in their comfort zone. I feel good when I get out of my comfort zone and discover I can feel even better when I stretched. I love being validated.

What makes you feel good?

When I was a very young boy, I got up early on weekend mornings with my father and would sit on his lap when he read the paper. Dad always drank strong black coffee. To this day I feel good when I smell coffee. It reminds me of when I felt good and secure on my dad’s lap. The kitchen was bright with florescent light, warm and cozy, yet it was dark and cold outside in the early New Jersey morning.

We have a lot to feel good about in this real estate market.

For one thing, we are not New Jersey! (-:

In a nut shell; prices are low, money is cheap, and banks are lending. Want to feel good about your real estate purchase?

Buy now.

I’ll buy the coffee!


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