I’d quit, but I’m too lazy to do that.

Dated: March 14 2019

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I often joke that I’m going to work through lunch on the day they bury me.  I just flat out love what I do. To quit now would take too much effort.    All my sales career I have sold to people like me. Or at least I tried darn hard.    In my early manufacturer rep days my favorite client base was the entrepreneurs, not the purchasing agents. I liked talking to the actual owners.   To be successful in sales not only do you need passion for your product and what you do, you need to identify with your client base.  (My two children Christopher and Nicole’s first, four syllable word, was “Entrepreneur”).     Right now, I of course am still an entrepreneur and a real estate investor but also pre-retiree with the same concerns as one of my largest client bases.

Most the clients in my personal base are:

1.       Pre or actual retirees looking to move to Florida.

2.       Investors looking for passive second income.

3.       Home buyers or sellers in my core market (Near Downtown Fort Myers).

My first love in real estate is investing for income and wealth growth, and the rest of my real estate activities have that at their core.   The home that Gail and I live in was financially distressed when we bought it (from the bank)  and the vacation home Gail and I bought in North Carolina (Otter Cottage had to have an investment component in it to make me happy with the acquisition.   It’s my strong belief that that you make money when you buy real estate not when you sell it. I am a big one for counseling buyers to be very critical of their acquisitions. The acquisition they can control, this is rarely the case with the disposition. (see Greggs Investment Rules)

The local market is busy. New homes are in my opinion busier that resales. At Eco Homes Fort Myers they are selling about four PRECONSTRUCTION HOMES a week.  DR  Horton, GL Homes, Neal Homes – are all selling their inventory out before its completed and aggressively buying more land.   Activity in resales has picked up as well.

This increase in activity and sales is due to the exiting of folks from high tax sates, the increase in the number of retirees that are actually moving, cheap money that is easily available, and the low cost of owning a new home.   There is also a shift from renting to owning a home. ( Eco Homes two largest markets are at the two ends of the spectrum, the “first time” and the “last time” home buyers.)

The highest end of the market is also seeing activity – in large part due to the escapees from the northern states with the high taxes.   (Check out this spectacular home and be sure to see the 3d tour halfway down the web page).

I may be a pre-retiree (I turn 65 this year), but I am still buying investment property (land as well as income property) and I still stay busy in real estate six days a week.  (I don’t say work, because it’s only called work if you would rather be doing something else.)

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